OISE Young Learners; Caring More for Your Profit and Less for Your Child

OISE Young Learners School, based in Oxford prides itself as an intensive School of English for learners from all over the world. The school was established almost 40 years ago but one look at its structures makes you think you’re still suck in the 70s. OISE has a long history of mistreating both teacher and students, and many of their complaints are usually silenced by paying for good publicity in review websites and newspapers.
The management doesn’t care much about its teachers based upon the less than meagre wages that the school pays its workers. The students are demanding and teachers are given contractual obligations which expose them instead of helping them. The number of negative reviews about the school is kept well-hidden because the school pays for positive airtime in websites and other media.
For a school that prides itself as ‘indigenous’ and native-speaking, OISE sure has a lot of Russians walking around, working, studying and living there. This doesn’t give students a very great chance to learn English or one specific language other than Russian. The school management has been chided for being more into profit rather than managing academic and learning standards. One has been quoted as ‘extremely poor academic management due to inexperience, and inability to communicate’. Expectation from any school which treats its staff terribly should not be much for its students. The school has been asked to respect its employees and by extension its students, but it seems those cries have fallen on deaf ears.
OISE charges an arm and a leg for their services, which never match the quality of service they offer in return. Their educational quality is garbage considering that they market themselves as one of the best and most intense English Learning language programs in the UK and the world.
The school has some of the most derelict hostels in UK education schooling and these hostels haven’t been repaired in years. One wonders how they haven’t caught the attention of the local authorities yet, as they are endangering the lives of students and your children. One customer has asked the school to review its business model of sacrificing academic standards for short-term profits. And who knows where those profits are being ploughed back? They don’t invest in the school’s resources and they definitely aren’t reimbursing their staff with the profits.
So where are these profits going? Well, when you send your child to OISE you expect an intensive language training program in English. What you get when you bring your child there is just a terrible combination of Russian and bad English. What keeps the programme going is the dynamic staff. They are diverse and come from all over the world, although most are still Russians. Students are charged an arm and a leg and staff paid poorly.
OISE should listen to its workers and students and address these issues. Otherwise, the clock is ticking.